VTrak E-Class RAID subsystem with Fibre Channel Connectivity
System and Controller Features
Dual Active/Active, RAID Controllers with Failover/Failback
Drive Configurations

Supports up to sixteen 3.5 drive modules

4X 1TB 3Gb/s SATA with single controller upgradable to dual
8x 1TB 3Gb/s SATA

16x 1TB 3Gb/s SATA
16x 450GB 3Gb/s SAS

External I/O Ports
(per controller)
Dual 4Gb Fibre Channel host port;
One external 3Gb/s 4x wide SAS port for expansion chassis.
Data Cache
Shared 2GB predictive data cache per controller with Automatic write cache destaging 72-hour battery backup
Command Queue Depth
1024 commands per VTrak system
Operational Features
RAID Level
RAID 0, 1, 1E, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 Any combination of these RAID levels can exist at the same time ;
Configurable RAID stripe size: 64K, 168K, 256K, 512K and 1MB stripe size per disk
Background task priority tuning: adjustment of minimum I/O reserved for server use during all background tasks
Hot spares
Multiple global or designated dedicated hot-spare drives with revert options
Max LUNs per subsystem
256 in any combination of RAID levels and array types
Max LUNs per array
32 logical drives (LUNs); Supports LUN Carving by allowing an array to be divided into multiple logical drives; RAID level, stripe size, sector size and cache policy can be configured per LUN. Supports out of order logical drive deletion and re-creation
Max LUNs per Target ID
Up to 256, depending on host side driver and operating system
LUN Masking and Mapping
Supports multiple hosts
Disk data formats
Supports Disk Data Format (DDF) for industry wide standardization and drive roaming between
VTrak systems
Background Activities
Media Patrol; Background synchronizing; Foreground initialization; Rebuild; Redundancy Check; SMART condition pooling; OCE (Online Capacity Expansion); RLM (RAID Level Migration); Priority Control, Rate Control and watermarking per BGA in Disk and NVRAM
RAID Robustness
Physical Drive Error Recovery: PDM (Predictive Data Migration): Replace un-healthy disk member in array, and keep array on normal status during the data transition between healthy drive and replaced drive, Bad Sector Mapping, Media Patrol, SMART, Hard/Soft Reset to recover drive from bad status, drive Power-control to recover a drive from hung status. Array Error Recovery: Data recovery from bad sector or failed drive for redundant RAID, RAID 5/6 inconsistent data Prevent (Write Hole Table), Data content Error Prevent (Read/Write Check Table) NVRAM event logging
SCSI Commands
Supports extensive SCSI command set equivalent to SCSI/FC hard disk drives;
Variable sector size (512Byte to 4KB) to break OS 2TB limitation; 16Byte CDB support for 64-bit LBA address
System Management
Supported Operating Systems
Mac OS X, Mac OS X server, versions 10.5.2 and later, Windows 2003, Linux (Red Hat, SuSE)
Management Tools
Operating System independent; Localized in multiple languages; SSL Security support;
WebPAM PROe via out-of-band Ethernet; Command Line Interface or Command Line Utility via RJ-11 Serial Port or Ethernet (Telnet);
Standard Management Protocols: SNMP, WBEM/CIM; Auto, Express and Advanced configuration support for novice and skilled users
Management Interfaces/Protocols
Bonjour system discovery, no previous knowledge of IP address is needed
Embedded Web server and mgmt support, no host software is needed
to configure or manage
Ethernet, RJ-11 Serial Port; SNMP, SSL, Telnet; Email, audible (buzzer), and visible (LEDs) alarms
Mechanical Specification
100-240 Vac Auto-Ranging
Current (Maximum)
8 A @ 100 Vac; 4 A @ 240 Vac (current rating with two power cords)
Power Supply
Dual 500W, 100-240 Vac auto-ranging, 50-60 Hz, dual hot swap and redundant with PFC, N+1 design
Power Consumption
108.38 Watts (under load w/o HDD), 523.91 Watts (under load with SAS HDD)
Operating Temperature/ Humidity
5°~40°C (-40°~60°C non operational) / Maximum 95%
Random, 0.21 grms, 5-500Hz, X, Y, Z axis 
Dimensions (H x W x D) 
13.1x 44.65x 56.1 cm (5.2 x 17.6 x 22.1in)
* Assume each hard drive =
  0.5 kg
Net weight: 30.5 kg (67.2 lbs) without drives, 38.5 kg (84.9 lbs) with 16 drives*
Gross weight: 37.5kg (82.7 lbs) without drives
Warranty and Support  
Three years complete system limited warranty
»  24 x 7 email and phone support
»  24 x 7 access to Promise support site drivers, firmware, compatibility

»  Advanced replacements program
»  Promise ServicePlus Onsite part replacement option