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SmartStor NS4600
Enterprise-Class RAID technology for Home, SOHO and Small Business from the World-Wide Leader in SATA/SAS RAID Technology, Promise Technology. The SmartStorTM NS4600 protects your digital content allowing access over your home network, business network and even over the Internet.
Media Center Data Backup Apple Mac Support Energy Saving

Digital Media Streaming in the Home
Need to share Digital Media in your Home? The SmartStorTM NS4600 is the perfect DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Digital Media Server (DMS) for the Digital Home of today and tomorrow. DLNA Certified Digital Media Servers such as The SmartStorTM NS4600 can be automatically discovered by Digital Media Players (DMP), Digital Media Renderers (DMR) and Digital Media Controllers (DMC) allowing Pictures, Music and Video to be shared instantly at any time in the home. Sony's Playstation 3TM, Sony's Bravia Series LCD HDTVTM, Pioneer's Elite Series Blu-Ray PlayerTM, Samsung's 750 & 850 Series LCD HDTVTM and Nokia's N95 8GBTM SmartPhone are all DLNA Certified Devices that are capable of streaming content instantly from the SmartStorTM NS4600.

Taking things one step further, you can browse the SmartStor NS4600TM with the Nokia N95TM 8GB (DMC) or Nokia N10 Internet Tablet, select a Video and then choose a Renderer (Player) to playback the Video with NO need for the remote control or to disrupt the current listening or viewing experience during the browsing process. Streaming content via XBOX 360TM is also supported with the DLNA service of the SmartStorTM NS4600.
DLNA Video streaming from NS4600 to Samsung 750 Series DLNA LCD TV
iTunes Digital Media Server with Video Support
Everyone has purchased content from Apple's iTunesTM Store and typically you can only playback the content if the content is on your Computer or IPod/IPhone. Using the iTunes Digital Media Server function of the SmartStor NS4600TM you can store Music Files (MP3/AAC) and (H.264/MOV/MP4/M4V) Video Files on the NS4600 and playback using iTunes in MAC OS X (Windows Supports Music only).
You can even playback Protected Music, Movies, Music Videos and TV Shows purchased from the iTunes Store directly from the NS4600 using any of your 5 authorized computers. Sharing your favorite TV Show has just become a little easier.
Mobile Media Access (SmartStor Media Center)
Enjoy and share your music, videos, and photos with your family and friends using Wi-Fi enabled portable devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile 5/6 PDA Phones, Nokia N95, Sony PSP or any PC or Mac. The only requirement is a web browser and media player. You no longer need to copy "all" of your media files to your portable device, Flash Drive or USB-Firewire Drive to enjoy when you are away from home. Forgot to bring a certain music, picture or video file with you? Not a problem! Down the file using SmartStor Media Center from anywhere on the planet (must have internet connection).
Create and Share Photo Albums
Create Flash Based Photo Album of your favorite pictures to share with your colleagues, family and friends using SmartNAVI. Upon creating and saving your Photo Album, you can choose to either export the Album to a local Computer or upload to SmartStorTM NS4600 for viewing using Remote Access (File Share over Internet).
Web Server
The SmartStorTM NS4600 features a built in Web Server that can be used to Host Intranet or Internet Websites. The SmartStorTM NS4600 supports PHP and HTML and requires no additional setup. Host your own Blog, intranet within your company or simply do your own thing.
File Share over Internet (Remote Access)
SmartStorTM NS4600 supports backup over the internet with SmartNAVI. No matter where you are in the world, you can backup your data to your SmartStorTM NS4600 and also access data for download. SmartStorTM NS4600 also supports FTP Server for accessing using any number of popular FTP Clients.
Build your own File and Backup Server
As a small footprint BYOD (bring-your-own-disk) multi-terabyte SATA Network Storage Server and Digital Media Server, SmartStorTM NS4600 provides an easy, cost effective solution for Home, SOHO & Small Business users to share files, store and access digital content in addition to performing backups of critical data on machines throughout the home or local network. Support for up to four hot swappable SATA 3 GB/shared drives, the SmartStor NS4600TM allows you to expand capacity as your needs grow at the lowest incremental cost. Snapshot, NAS to NAS Replication and Comprehensive file sharing protocols support enables cross-platform file services and backup for Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh. With SmartStorTM NS4600, SOHO and Small Business Users can maximize ROI and productivity by providing a scalable file server, backup solution and print service solution.
takes a real time image of SmartStor ™ volume in seconds. Users can restore the specific point-in-time data at file level.

provides the most cost-effective disaster recovery solution by replicating data from a local NS4600 to a remote NS4600 via internet.

One Touch Backup
enables a quick, automatic client backup at the touch of one button.

uses incremental backup to reduce time and space by including only changed files.
New user interface with easy management feature and multimedia playback
SmartNAVI, the advanced client utility for SmartStorTM NAS, inherits all of it's features from our previous generation NAS Utility and is enhanced with AI (Artificial Intelligence). SmartNAVI can discover the client side network topology and optimize the SmartStorTM for the user's environment. This technology enables the user to configure SmartStorTM in two steps without any network knowledge. Additionally, an enhanced interface helps user's access services on SmartStorTM via system navigator and quick menu. The easy Setup Wizard requires only few clicks to complete SmartStorTM NS4600 installation.
The embedded web-based GUI management software, WebPASM, allows you to fully configure, monitor, shut down, and restart SmartStorTM NS4600 from local or remote site. One of SmartNAVI's greatest features is the ability to access ALL of your folder shares with a SINGLE click. Easily browse and playback Music and Video files stored on the SmartStor NS4600TM with a few clicks of the mouse. Playlist support and variable window sizes are all part of the package. SmartNAVI is all about Ease of Use.
Apple Time Machine Support
Apple's Time MachineTM is without a doubt the best backup tool ever included with an Operating System. The SmartStorTM NS4600 supports Time Machine backup in the OS X Environment and has been extensively tested. Setting up Time Machine backups with SmartNAVI is painless, fast and does not require you to jump through hoops.
MAC OS X Apple File Protocol (AFP) and Bonjour Services
SmartStorTM NS4600 utilizes the latest in MAC OS X discovery technologies via Bonjour File and Printer Services. You can automatically discover and immediately access the SmartStor embedded web-based GUI management (Promise Array Storage Management) using the Safari Web Browser in OS X. Automatic discovery of available printers attached to the SmartStorTM NS4600 simplifies printer sharing and makes printing easy. AFP (Apple File Protocol) and Bonjour File Discovery allow the SmartStorTM NS4600 to be accessed from the Finder/Macintosh HD in Mac OS X.
An Ultra Quiet and Green Box
SmartStorTM NS4600 meets the RoHS standard, which shows that we care about the environment as much as you do. The Standby feature of the SmartStorTM NS4600 allows hard drives to spin-down reducing power consumption during periods of inactivity. The Wake-on-LAN feature immediately returns the SmartStorTM NS4600 to active mode upon access your data. Thanks to the new enclosure design, system noise generated by the fan is no longer a concern.
NS4600 Product features
hot-swappable SATA 3Gb/s drives; provides up to 6TB storage capacity with four 1.5TB hard drives
Up to four Data sharing over Gigabit Ethernet
Enterprise-proven RAID technology with RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 support
One-Touch Backup of an external hard drive or digital camera via USB
SmartNAVITM Advanced Management GUI forWindows and MAC simplifies Setup (One Click Setup), Management and Folder Share access
Snapshot for instant backup and restoration
NAS to NAS replication for remote backup
USB HDDs, Printer and UPS Support
eSATA external HDDs Support
SMB/CIFS/AFP/NFS Network Protocols Support; Shared Storage for Windows, Unix, Linux, MAC clients
Quick and easy-to-use Setup Wizard
Support Apple Time machine for system backup and restore
E-mail notification for activity/backup status and system errors
DLNA Digital Media Server allows instant access to Music, Pictures and Videos via Digital Media Players on the Home Network.
Mobile Device and Remote Access support
iTunes Server with Video Playback support
NAS management over the Internet
Supports Microsoft ADS; User, Group, and Quota management
Wake-on-LAN and Power-on automatic
Attach and access USB/eSATA External Hard Drive/Flash Drives as a Folder Share on the NS4600
Ultra Silence and energy saving
As a small footprint BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Drives) multi-terabyte SATA Network Attached Storage, SmartStorTM NS4600 provides an easy, cost effective solution for SOHO & SMB users to share files and network resources. Support up to four hot-swappable SATA 3Gb/s hard drives, NS4600 allows you to expand capacity as your needs grow at the lowest incremental cost. Comprehensive file sharing protocols support enables cross-platform file services for Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh. SmartStorTM NS4600 can help to maximize your ROI and productivity by providing a scalable file service and print service solution.
To ensure secure access, SmartStorTM supports HTTPS, domain integration, Microsoft ADS, Unix NIS as well as User, Groups and Quota management.
Field-proven RAID technology
SmartStorTM comes with Promise's field-proven RAID technology. It supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, and offers rich enterprise-class RAID features at entry level price. Features include on-line capacity expansion, RAID level migration, advanced error handling (PerfectRAIDTM), hot spare, and more.
Field-proven RAID technology
RAID 0 - Stripe Four individual Network Shares in maximum (all four drives arrayed into 1-4 volumes)
RAID 1 - Mirror Two individual Network Share in Maximun (all four drives arrayed into 1-2 volumes)
RAID 10 - Mirror/Stripe One Network Share in a RAID 10 array (all four drives arrayed into a single volume)
RAID 5 - Block Striping with Distributed Parity One Massive Network Share in a RAID 5 array (all four drives arrayed into a single volume with parity)
RAID 5 with Spare Disk One Network Share in a RAID 5 array with spare (all four drives arrayed into a single volume with parity and spare)
Support Synchronous OCE and RLM *

Allow you to upgrade RAID level and add disks incrementally without any operation interruption, shutting down your NAS or completely delete an existing array to rebuild from scratch with painful data loss.
* OCE: on-line capacity expansion; RLM: RAID level migration

Ease of installation and management

Besides DHCP support for easy network configuration, SmartStorTM NS4600 features various management tools to meet the needs of novices and advanced users. The easy Setup Wizard requires only few clicks to complete installation of the SmartStorTM NS4600. For Advanced users, the embedded web-based GUI management software, WebPASM, allows the users to fully configure, monitor, shut down, and restart SmatStorTM N4600 locally and remotely.
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